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About ASG

The Ataxia Study Group (ASG) is an international consortium of scientific investigators from academic and research centers who are committed to the cooperative planning, implementation, and performance of clinical trials and other research studies in ataxia disorders. The ASG was founded on the 14 Jan 2008 in Strasbourg (France) and has the legal form of a European Economic Interest Grouping (EEIG). It is open to clinicians and scientists who are experienced in management of ataxia patients, who have performed or participated in clinical studies of ataxia patients, or who have made other important contributions to the field of ataxia research.

The ASG does not focus on one particular ataxia disorder or one group of disorders, but rather covers the whole spectrum of ataxia disorders. It is a particular aim of the ASF to initiate interventional trials, observational studies and studies that aim to elucidate the causes of ataxia.
One important goal of the ASG is to maintain an infrastructure that supports clinical and scientific studies in ataxia including but not limited to patient registries and banks of biomaterials.

The ASG is committed to the principles of open and full scientific communication, peer review, full and open disclosure of potential conflicts-of-interest, and democratic governance of its organization and activities. The ASG is also interested in educating professionals and the public by providing scientific and medical information about ataxia disorders. The ASG will work with other professional and family organizations and with government and industry sponsors to develop substantive treatments for patients and families affected by ataxia disorders. The ASG is open to It is open to members from non-European countries.