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Friedreich┬┤s Ataxia Rating Scale (FARS)

FARS includes neurological signs that specifically reflect neural substrates affected in FRDA. Based on a neurological examination bulbar, upper limb, lower limb, peripheral nerve, and upright stability/gait functions are assessed. Further, a functional staging and activities of daily living (ADL) assessment are incorporated. The scales are supplemented by quantitative performance measures including 8m walk at maximum speed (8MW), the 9-hole peg test (9HPT), PATA rate and low-contrast letter acuity.

Subramony SH, May W, Lynch D, Gomez C, Fischbeck K et al. Measuring Friedreich ataxia: Interrater reliability of a neurologic rating scale. Neurology 2005;64:1261-1262.

Lynch DR, Farmer JM, Tsou AY, Perlman S, Subramony SH et al. Measuring Friedreich ataxia: complementary features of examination and performance measures. Neurology 2006; 66:1711-1716.

Download as PDF-Document: application/pdfFARS